What colour are you ?

What colour are you ?

What colour are you ? tells you whats your coclour by your personality!!

published on March 15, 201336 responses 8
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You are at school , there is a fight going on between you friend and the mean girl . you

Try to calm them both down
get in the middle of it and start hitting the mean girl
yell at the mean girl but walk away

your at theshopping center and you found an amazing outfit .what does it look like ?

short , colourful mini skirt with a tank top
long, flowing block colour dress
plain jeans and a funky top.

there is a spray can on the side of the road . its dark no one can see you . you

pick up a can and spray paint the wall
just walk away slowly
call the police

for english at school you have to read a book of you choice you read

not going to read so many moe things to do
you pick 'how to make friend bracelets'
you pick '1 thousand oceans'

your room at this very second looks like

two much junk can not see the floor
every thing is in the right place
mostly clean

through out this test have you been 100% truth ful

completely it only affects my score
50 50