would you survive on the show the walking dead

would you survive on the show the walking dead

its pretty simple. this quiz says if you would die or not. i hope you survive but i would not be bragging if you pass. by the way. if your wondering why there is a kitten on the front.... its because i dont wanna scare anyone ok?

published on March 13, 2013109 responses 25 4.8★ / 5

wepon of choice

a gun
bow and arrow
nothing. ill be sobbing in the basement

will you be alone?

HECK NO! ill be with 40 men to protect me
sorta. in a group of 12
im a loner

where will you stay

in a old town where there is little food
the citys. lots of places to hide
locked in my house man. im scared

your best friend got bit. what do you do?

live her last hours at her bedside
shot her with your gun it has to be done
dont kill her. lock her in your bedroom. you just cant bring yourself to do such a thing

someone you care about is in need for medical help. you find out there is a school 3 miles down the road. full of walkers. what do you do?

its too dangerous. one is injured and you could die trying and we could both die. no point.
ill go see whats like. im not promising anything
im going. they deserve to live.

you find a store with medicane,food, and guns/ammo/arrows. what do you stalk up on?

medican for the sick, injured and elderly
food. we cant survive if we starve to death
guns/ ammo / arrows. we can protect the people tht way. including me

all you have left is 20 rounds of ammo, 2 cans of fruit and a truck. including no hope. where do you head next

i dont know. i give up *BAM*
ill find some people to take us in. i hope
i will go to the CDC

you met an injured person, his arm is almost clean of. then by the smell of blood hundreds of walkers come. what do you do?

leave him there, he has no hope, he'll bleed out
try to take him.... gotta make room in the car....
try to grab him but you cant take him. not enough food.

its almost sundown and you come across a old town. but its by a forest/woods. look theres food! do you get it?

YES im starving
no. maybe in the morning

this is not about the walkers. was this a waste of time? (all the answers will be you suvival for this question only so give your honest opinion)

yes it was.