Are you A Deamon Or An Angel?

People say that angels come from bellow yeah I have no idea what I am I just know I cant sit around while Life is tethering the ground... If its bad just know I spent little time on this... Welp enjoy (or not)

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You see someone is bleeding and is half dead you...

Help THEM!!
Torment them They deserve it
Idk I wanna help but I just cant!

You make rules or follow em?

Follow em duh!
Make mine more chaos the better!

Your crush looks at you and you...

Go over and talk to him/her
Walk over say something and sashay somewhere else
Stays still staring at Him/her

You are online and see someone is being bullied you...

help This cant go on anymore!
hahaha Ill just comment below

So Chaos or kindness?

Love and kindness!!
Chaos? I guess?

Song? anything you like?

*sighs* I dont have one as ong as its not metal or anything like that
*grins* I aint tellin'
I dunno

what sounds like you?

Light, kind, nice, Loving, loyal, and peaceful
Chaotic... thats it other than angery, depressed, and hateful

quiz to your liking?

Sure *doesnt really like it*