What Writer Personality Are You?

What Writer Personality Are You?

Take our short quiz to determine what famous writer best matches your personality.

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What would be an ideal Saturday evening for you?

Drinking infused tea and doing yoga.
Watching cult sci-fi/horror flicks with an intimate group of friends.
Sharing a candlelight dinner over ambient music with your significant other.
Debating politics with a select group of friends.
Good laughs at anyone and everyone's expense at the pub.

You are stuck in traffic and late for a meeting. What do you do?

Phone your partner to put a smile on your face.
Turn the music up and pretend all the cars are bugs trying to move around.
Shout sarcastic comments at all the cars around you, and maybe even to God too. They can't hear you anyway.
Use the downtime to meditate, there's no sense getting wound up.
Turn the radio station to a commercial free news channel.

Your friend is getting married for the second time. What do you get her for a wedding present?

The minimal requirement of money. You know their chances of success are 1 in 5.
The boardgame "Battleship". It's the best way to settle disagreements.
A picture of the happy couple, framed in a silver heart.
His and Her dolls that repeat cliche mars vs. venus jokes.
A book of inspirational thoughts, suitable for long lasting partnerships.

Your cat is sick, what do you do for him?

Make a castle bed for him to lay in and place toy soldiers around the perimeter.
Hand feed him drops of water and let him sleep on your pillow.
You are not a cat person so this scenario will never happen.
Put a couple drops of bourbon in his water to help him forget about his problems.
Put some herbal remedy drops in his catfood and brush his hair with a non-toxic brush.

Your sister has asked you to watch her kids next weekend, you:

Plan a canoe trip with an organic picnic up the river.
You politely decline, there is a seminar you want to attend.
Plan for a 4 hour live game of dungeons & dragons.
Invite a few other kids from the neighbourhood to join in backyard fun.
Tell her you'd rather stick chopsticks in your eyes.