which 1d boy r u most like

which 1d boy r u most like

i just wanna thank the people that did this quiz because i love 1D and i think that the people who like them r ok but the ones who love them i wanna meet them so u guys once again thx so much for doing this quiz and hope u like (d) it!!!

published on March 11, 201382 responses 15 4.2★ / 5

did you change your name or your favorite color?

i changed my name
i changed my favorite color duh..

do you like nandos or eating lots of food?

NANDOS i am loving this quiz
FOOD!! ok now i might eat the computer!

do you like partying or reading books

books i am more of a quiet indoor person
partying duh i hate reading

do you like pigeons or turtles ?

pigeons oh yeah
turtles duh

Are you afraid of something like ...


What color would you wear on a date?