Are you confident or nervous

Are you confident or nervous

This test is to see if you are confident or nervous so have a go and have fun!

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The most popular girl in school invites you to a party you

Groan and then go hide in a corner she can't find you
Say sure and make sure to go to the party

A cute guy at school walks up to you and starts casually chatting with you and offers to walk with you to your next class you

let him walk with you and you talk about each others hobbies and likes
you walk quickly to class before he gets the chance to say bye

You acccedently drop your pen/pencil under a boy that you have had a crush on forever's desk you

Just wait you will wait until everyone has left and then pick it up after class
Politely/flirtly ask if he can pick it up and if he wants to spend lunch together

Your crush sends you a sweet and flirty poem you

Act like you never got it and nothing happened
Go over to him and thank him for the poem ans ask if he wants to go out sometime

You and your bestie get invited to the party of the century but your totally nemesis is going do you go

HELL YEAH!i mean this is the party of the century and your bestie will be their who cares about some girl
Naa she might humiliate you in front of everyone so you wont go

your crush is hitting on your best friend and she doesn't like him but she is flirting back

You forget about it there is nothing you can do anyway
You tell her how you feel and hope that you can work it out