Which pretty little liar are you? (1)

Which pretty little liar are you? (1)

Hi! So the title sort of speaks for itself, if you enjoy this quiz then favourite it! *disclaimer* i don't own any of the characters in this quiz.

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What's your favourite colour?

anything in style
light blue

How would you describe your style?

in fashion
instyle and sexy
funky and creative

What sort of person would you date?

i'm interested in girls
someone who will look out for me
my cute teacher
anyone hot
someone who will make me laugh

Do you have siblings?

i have a younger brother
a big sister
only child
still an only child
a big brother

How are you at school?

I'm good at the artistic subjects
i'm average
straight A's since... forever
i'm good cuz i'm working for a scholarship
it doesn't matter as long as i'm popular!

which is your favourite subject in school

whatever's the last periode
it doesn't matter they're all equally interesting

Which of these tv shows are your favourite?

any drama show
i don't watch tv
horror films
any sports