Which 'girl' are you?

If you aren't already hooked on the new HBO series 'Girls', now's the time to get watching. Capturing the ups and downs of four twenty-somethings, Girls is the new Sex and The City, but which of them is most like you?

published on March 09, 201332 responses 7
Which 'girl' are you?
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Nights are best spent...

Out partying
Chilling at home with a takeaway
Spending time with the boyfriend
Hanging out with friends

People often comment on your...

Weird and wonderful appeal
No nonsense advice

Biggest worry of the moment...

You're care-free and that's the best way to be
Whether you'll ever see excitement again
Never being offered your dream job
Not finding that perfect guy

Worst dating partner would be...

Someone equally serious
Someone who doesn't see past your 'baggage'
A bore
Someone that's hot and cold

Ideal career

Personal shopper
Something well-paid

Most likely to fall for someone that...

Is slightly odd, but with a certain appeal
Likes the same weird stuff you do
Is on the look out for some excitement
Compliments you

You've previously lied about...

Your sex life
Your happiness
Your financial situation
Your life choices

You've got an embarrassing secret. You...

Might tell one person (eventually)
Keep it hidden inside, like everything else
Can't help but blurt it out
Don't mind sharing it

You and someone else have a difference of opinion. You...

Confront them, face-to-face. There's no holding you back
Give them the silent treatment
Argue it out
Would prefer not to say anything