What type of friend are you?

What type of friend are you?

Find out if you're a true friend or not a friend at all. Take the quiz to see...

published on March 30, 201155 responses 11
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Your best friend bumps another student by accident and she spills her lunch. No one stops to help her clean it up except your friend. You:

You make fun of the girl and walk away.
Ignore the girl like everyone else and catch up with your friend later.
You stay to help clean up the mess

You and your best friend are going to a party, but the day before she gets sick with the stomach flu. You:

Make up an excuse and go to the party without her.
Visit her and decide you can go to the next party.
Go to the party anyways but send her a get well soon card and a bowl of chicken soup.

You and your friends are going to the school dance. All your friends are wearing revealing dresses that you don't think is appropriate or feel comfertable in. You:

Wear something less revealing but still cute.
Suck it up and wear what everyone else is so you fit in.
Wear something more revealing than everyone else to get the attention youfeel you deserve.

If you were to pick your best friend who would you pick?

Someone who fits in, is laid back, and doesn't put themself as the center of attantion.
Someone who is popular, and guarenteed to get you "IN" with the cool group.
Someone who likes you for who you are and will always be by your side

Your friend just broke up with her boyfriend and is in total misery. You've had a crush on him since you were little and you find out he is now interested in you. He asks you on a date and you say:

"For sure but we must keep it on the down low untill my best friend is emotionally ready to handle the news"
"Sorry it wouldn't be fair to date you right now mabey in a couple of months"
"Of course. I'd love to. What time will you pick me up"