Are you Sexy?

Are you Sexy?

this quiz will show you the results if you are a greek godess, or you need make up.

published on March 29, 2011383 responses 81 2.3★ / 5

Are you a fairly cute girl/boy?

no no shrek and snape mixed together
sorta,im sorta hot

what colour hair have you got?

dyed it
im bald

figure shape?

petite,like a barbie doll
im like a ken doll
2 or 3 fat rolls but,im okay yeah....
i cant even see my feet....

have you had your first kiss?

yeah but it sucked a little...
no not yet
yeah,got my eye on this cheerleader girl...
does my dad count?
i tongued him for crying out loud!!!!!!!1

do you have boobs?

HUGE ONES they stick out!
nah,im a GUY
yeah but theyre tiny

MOSTLY A:You are not really sexy,but before you sigh,you are petite.

MOSTLY B:you are a helluva guy!!!
Mostly C:you are really shy,but cute,do not be ashamed of who you are.
you are not very sexy but you have something special you can show cuz you,are a firework1