what adventure time character are you (1)

what adventure time character are you (1)

find out what adventure time character you are but dont take it seriously if i tell you you are somebody dont think you have powers

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how do you treat your friends

how do you treat your friends
i really dont care yawn i have better things to care
i would do anything no matter what it takes to make
them happy
we get in fights sometimes we are good friends but other than the arguments we are really nice and playful

do you get bfs/gfs often?

all the time they are just begging to be with me
no i never get any what is wrong with me
sometimes but i have to make sure they are right and im currently in a relationship now
yes not all the time but i dont have one right now

out of these what do you like best

out of these what do you like best
haunted houses
the winter

let fate decide

when is this quiz over im bored
sigh hate these random questions :/

if you could have a power or talent what would it be

to freeze people
sword (but a awesome sword)
rainbows (me:rlly?-_-)
mind controll
stretch ability

what is your talent?

im a athleete
i dont know what mine is
attracting the ladies
cooking or making something

how would you describe yyour personality?

im shy but really nice
mean and ignorant
popular and/or a genuis
i love to have fun

who is your favorite person from adventure time

jake the dog
finn the human
princess bubblegum
ice king
fire princess
one of the candy people
marceline's dad
lady rainicorn
tree trunks