what insane youtube vid are you?

what insane youtube vid are you?

are you nyan cat, mudkip, badger or narwall find out in this epic quiz! comment below what you are

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how would you react if someone was talking about pop tarts?

Pop tart i like pop tarts yummy

what is your fave place to be

the sea
on rocks

are you addicted to youtube?

yes (meow)
yes ( spike)
yes (mud)

how do you annoy people

i sing songs
i dance
i repeat the same word

do you enjoy annoying people

YES!! it's soo fun, who doesn't
yes yes yes yes
i know a song that will get on your nerves

is this question gay?

no why
hell yeah
dancing queen

is this question gay?

i said before what's wrong with you?
oppa gangam style!
no why?

i like you do you like me

yes i think your crazy boring and boring
your cool i guess