what famous person are you? (1)

what famous person are you? (1)

find out who you are most like, out of a selection of historical figures.

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what would you do if you were leader?

Make peace! lead the world to a brighter tommorow!
no violence!
Rule the world, give me the power!
Make sure all people are treated fairly
Expand my boarders, take the land!

what would you do during a civil war?

Take any punishment, just dont cause violence!
kill all the rebels!
mend the country through words
kill the separatists!

what are your feeling about killing?

never, under no circumstances!
who cares? just get away the lesser people!
dont kill, is isnt the right thing to do!
just as long as I get something out of it!

how would you get what you want if you were king/leader?

trade with other noble countries
take their land! run over them!
trade and make goods
kill all those who have what I want!

How would you get independence?

peaceful non-violent non-coorperation
fight until I get it!
civil marches
assassinate the leader