what super hero best matches you?

what super hero best matches you?

find out what super hero you are most like, and ee if you really are ready to be a super hero!

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how aggressive do you like your superheros?

wont kill
classic beat'em up
stop the bad guys!
rawr! smash!
not overly aggressive or passive
let me at em!
boom! boom! get the bad guys!
I want to beat the pulp out of them!

who is your favorite villain?

idk, just like a god or something...
big business man geniuses
bad military
random super-villains
random guys
normal supervillains
classic super-villains
famous super-villains

what comic brand do you prefer?(choose any of them)

DC 1
DC 2
Marvel 1
Marvel 2
DC 3
Marvel 3
Marvel 4
Marvel 5

what stlye of super hero do you like?

stealthy and smart
super strong and manly
fast and agile
big and strong
strong and brave
killer insticts
genius, and brave
godly and boss

how popular of heros do you like?

very popular
Most Famous
Very famous
everyone knows him
not popular at all...
pretty popular
everyone will know him when you talk about him
not overly popular