what weapon is best for you?

what weapon is best for you?

medieval and modern weapons, find which one you were made for! (not just offensive weapons)

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how accurate do you like your weapons?

fairly accurate
extremely accurate
dont care
not really accurate
pin-point accuracy
decent accuracy
not very accurate
okay accuracy

what range do you like on your weapons?

medium-close range
extremely long range
dont care
medium range
super long range
close-medium range
close range
fairly close range

how do you like to kill your foes?

slice them up like a honorable warrior!
blow them to pieces at range
don't kill them, just make sure they don't kill me...
shoot'em up!
kill them stealthily
smash there skull!
dont let them kill me, but I dont want to let them live...
cut them into pieces!

what weapons do you NOT like?

machine guns.
riot shield

how aggressive are you?

let me at them!
I just want to get rid of them!
extremely passive
muhaha! I kill you!
lets take them out!
not overly aggressive or defensive
killer insticts

how do you like to use your weapons?

slashing and stabbing
when sitting on a chair.
just protecting myself
fast shooting
slow, but effective
clubbing enemies
bashing them
hacking and slashing