What is your place in the warrior clan

What is your place in the warrior clan

Are you a leader, deputy, warrior, apprentice, kit, medicine cat, queen, or elder?

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What are your duties?

I have to clean out the elders' den
Fight and hunt
Take care of the kits
Tell the kits stories
help the clan

what do you do at the gathering?

I have kits to take care of!
I can't go yet :(
It's my first gathering and I'm So excited!
I report the clan's news
I support my leader always
I sit at the edge of the Great Rock
I listen, but the other clans' news is sometimes RUBBISH!
My fragile bones can't take me that far

What would you normally do?

Set up patrols
Bask in the sun
gather herbs
direct the clan
Play with the kits

Do you have a mate?

I'm way too young!
I can't have a mate
I used to have one, but now I'm too old
I already have 4 kits!
My mate is amazing!
I'm almost old enough
A mate might get in the way of my duties

What is your fur like?

Normally it's glossy but sometimes I get worn out
I groom every morning
I groom if I have time before I go to training
After the patrols leave, I lick myself
If there are no injuries and the clan is healthy, I get a good grooming
My fur is fine

The clan is under attack! what do you do?

Hide fearfully
Try to resolve the problem peacefully
hide, though you are not afraid of those devils!
fight with all you got!
fight with all the skills you know
heal wounds
protect the kits
Join in the fight alongside the warriors