Are you an animal lover? (VERY ACCURATE!)

Are you an animal lover? (VERY ACCURATE!)

Do you love animals? Hate them? Think they're boring? Take this quiz and find out!

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Whenever you see an animal, what do you do?

I follow it and try to catch it! I sorta want to keep it as
a pet... :D
Eh. I don't care, I'd rather just ignore it and go on with
what I was doing. :/
I don't even look at it. -.-

Do you have pets??

a fish. but it died. (or another fish)
a dog and a cat :)
others, or all the animals above :D
nope. no pets, i don't want one
no... :'( I WISH! my parents don't allow me too... (or
someone in your house doesn't)

Whenever you go to our friends house or somewhere, do you ask if they have any pets?

sorta, well when i see one
nah. don't care

Animals are ____.

a little bit cool, fun, and boring. :|
cute, awesome, ADORABLE, exotic! ;D
nice i guess..? idk. i barely even think about them..

Do you ever ask any related questions about animals?

yes! i want to learn a lot about them! :D
well, if it's for school or something.. but sometimes a
little bit, yes.
um no.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Veterinarian :D something related to animals
Doctor :)
ehhhhmmm idk yet
something not related to animals, like acting, dancing, all the other stuff!
what does this have to do with animals...?!

How much/long do you take your time to look and take care of your pets?

umm a few times a week
i dont have pets... remember?? I WISH THOUGH! <3
-.- i dont have pets and i dont wanna.
barely.... my parents take care of them

Ok, which TV channel would you MOST LIKELY watch if all of these shows were on?

news channel
animal channel
car stuff and engineering things
american idol, x-factor, just regular popular shows

Do you often go outside and explore the nature?

yes, and to try to spot any animals :D
well, yeah for the fresh air :)
naahhh. i'd rather go play xbox or watch tv