Does your crush like you? (1)

Does your crush like you? (1)

this quiz will determine whether or not your crush secretly likes you and sorry for the photo but i like penguins!:D

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How often do you see him?

never met him in person
Around school or in town i see him
all the time, hes in my lessons at school
i see him quite a lot.. i mean in the corridors

What do your friends think?

They think we would make a cute couple and we suit
My friends make fun of it saying that we would be like chalk and cheese
They think he woudnt go out with me as im not his type
they say that he is cute and i am aswell

What do HIS friends think?

they say that we suit and should hook up!
that I'm crazy for liking him as he would go out with me in a million years
that it could work
that im not his type

would you say that he gives you the impression that he likes you?

Not really
i dont know

Does he stare at you?

i have caught him a few times and so have my mates
Never :(
i dont think so...

so far the questions have been?...

yes, really helpful
Good :)
ok i guess

last question... Do YOU like him?

YES for sure!
maybe ;)