Would i date you? (4)

Would i date you? (4)

Want to know if id date you or not if id love the kind of person you are or if you repulse me find out if your my kind of guy just by taking this quiz :)

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Whats your favorite kind of movie?


Where abouts in the world would you want to live if you could live anywhere?

anywhere really
France the city of love

what would you buy a girl for a gift

id make my own poem/chocolates
i don't buy no girl nothing.
clothes :)

how do you see your future family wise?

I can see a future living with a girl i wonna spend the rest of my life with just not right now im not quite ready right now, and i wouldn't want kids not a big fan of them.
Married,settle down?? no way thats crazy talk i dont do relationships i like to flirt around its boring sticking to the one girl, girls are like flavours emagine having the same flavour over and over again no thanks.
Im defiantly ready to settle down now, and i want to get married have kids :)
I havent given it much thought really.

Your dream date would be?

a chilled out day at home watching movies and cuddling.
shopping/swim by the pools and a nice dinner out maybe even a movie.
i don't do dates/other
anything as long as im with her.

How would you describe yourself in 2 words?


What would be your favorite quality's in a girl? (Listed bellow)

confident mainly i like a girl with confidence its hot.
Shes gotta be caring and loyal mainly.
Shes got to be honest and open.
she has to look smoking hot.

what would be your dream job (from bellow)

model be easy to get into because my body's amazing.
teacher or any job to do with kids :)
vet/author im very different.

Talking about looks what kind of looks would your dream girl have?

doesn't bother me.
blonde skinny and smoking hot.
Red headed for sure with nice eyes and a unique sense of style.
Brown/black hair, short girl and yer.