Should you date him?

Should you date him?

does your crush like you back? should you date him? take this quiz and find out! :)

published on March 03, 201372 responses 7 5.0★ / 5

Ok does he ever stare at you or look at you?

yes! all the time!
yes, but only a few times.

Does he try to get your attention?

yup :) it's sorta cute!
a little bit, not that much..
nope. maybe just shy?

Does he talk to you?

8-9/10 :D
4-5/10 :/
barely, sometimes just to ask for help or a question..
or just bored
ehh. i guess he's just shy?

Do his friends look at you?

I don't know his friends
umm sorta, just a quick glance
yeah, and they sometimes laugh a little o.o and they
bother me...

Do you see him with other girls?

yes.. i feel a little broken when i see him
sometimes, to make me jealous?
NOPE! and im glad :DD

Whenever you go somewhere, is he ALWAYS there??

yes. and it's creepy but cute :)
umm well it can be a coincidence?
nope. :(

Ok, lastly, how does he act towards you?

mean. >:( like i don't exist.
nice, like to impress me or something ;)
very sassy-like .. like a girl
VERY CUTE and sometimes shy ;3