does he like you back? (girls only)

does he like you back? (girls only)

does your crush like you back.... find out in the quiz if he does.... i hope he does and i can't think of other stuff to type soooo take the quiz and stop reading at the random stuff im still typing for some odd reason

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would you consider yourself as a friend to him?

ya! we are BFFs!
ehhhh a little bit
no imm too shy :(

do you ever catch him stare at you?

once in a great while

do you ever talk to him and or try to talk to him

we talk and i sit with him at lunch
a little bit so yes and no
no... im getting a bad feeling....

how long have you know him including how long you've gone to school together ect.

i've known him for a while
couple years
met this year...

do you think he likes you?

well i do but i dont think he's ready for the next step
uhhhh thats why imm taking a quiz

do you see a future toghether?

yeah i can see my self married to him. we will be so happy together!
no :'(

pick if you can relate

i don't menally like him but when i see him i get a weird feeling in my stomach
i act all stuiped and shy around him.... im such a dork!
i just usally just flirt with him.