How Awesome of a Flirter Are You?

Here's a quick quiz by Aphrodite herself. See if your a good flirt or....not.

published on March 26, 2011113 responses 10 3.7★ / 5

A guy has been coming over to you a little more than usual in the temple. You:

positive he's going to ask you out tommorow.
assume he's interested.
figure he's just bored.

It's easiest for you to connect with guys:

at a local sacrifice to the gods.
at a party on the Mediterranean.
only when your in an exceptionly good mood- thanks to Eutychia

Does your crush know you like him?

Maybe- I'm not telopathic.

The hardest part about talking to a guy is:

knowing the right thing to say.
finding the perfect time.

On a random night with your friends, who makes the majority of your plans?

I do- duh.
It depends...who's house?
My friends