the perfect guy

the perfect guy

you will soon find a guy rite for you this quiz helps figure out who you like best

published on February 27, 2013177 responses 23 4.5★ / 5

What kind of hair do you like?

flippy brown
flippy blonde
short flppiy brown
skintight with a hat

what sports does he lpay with you?

any sports
none he doesnt like to play sports with you

what kind of personality do you like?

sensitive cheer you up
sporty guy who loves you and has time for you
not so much into sports more like cuddle time
dont care

were would your first kiss be?

in the rain
after a football game
cuddling around a fire
just made out on the first date

how much love can you handle?

alot cuz he will always be here for you calling you texting you hugging you protecting you<33
makes you come to football games and lets you hang on the bleachers with him way into night<33
will hold you and be ready to cuddle everyday either that or go mini golfing
love then leave

which one do you prefere

sensitive guy

pick one

beanies and flippy
headphones and black flippy