girly-girl, tomboy, or somewhere in between!

Find out if you are a tomboy, girly-girl, or somewhere in between(or what my friends call"normal")!

published on March 24, 201161 responses 13
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Your BFF just texts you the latest ten-point gossip while your asleep, but you have a test the next morning and you need your rest. You:

become wide awake and text her back.
do nothing. You don't get text!
text her back telling her that you can talk about it in the morning and to go back to sleep.

Your idea of a fun Saturday night is:

Sleepover with friends. You do makeovers on each other and prank call!
Hang out with your family! You guys watch movies together amd play Monopoly!
Hang out with your BFF!

Your mom wants to have THE TALK with you. You:

Text your friend to call your house phone to get you out of it!
Accept the fact that you had to have this talk sooner or later.
Same as B.

Your boyfriend is taking it a liiiiitle too fast. You:

go with it. This is why you wanted to be his girlfriend anyway!
Dump him. You didn't sign up for THIS!
Tell him that you need more time. You don't want to lose him competely!

You find out that your BFF is plotting against you. You:

Post her most embarresing pics on your blog. If she is gonna hit you, you hit her back harder!
Confront her and tell her what you heard. if it's true, you prank her so that she looks bad in front of her crush!
Ignore it. Your BFF would NEVER do that!

Your friend invites you to go to this bar. When you get there, she gets loopsy! She wants you to drink, too. You

gladly accept. If your friend is doing it, you should, too!
Yell no, highjack her car, and get the heck out of there!
Say no thanks. You don't want to contaminate your body. besides, the bar was full of pervs and who KNOWS what could happen!