Do you have a good life?

Do you have a good life?

Let's see if your going to or/and have a great life!!(With this quiz.)

published on March 26, 201166 responses 12 3.8★ / 5

Has anyone ever teased you?

Yes. Tons....
NEVER!! Everyone loves me!
In between!

Do you believe in yourself?

No. I don't have to or want to...
Yes. I believe I can do anything!!!!!!!

Have you succeeded in anything?

No.Not yet.... or ..... Only a little...
Yes! Very many!!!!! or I guess you could say a lot.

Do you want to be successful?

No. Not at all.. or .. Not really.... I want to be hidden.
Yes!I'd love to be successful!!.. or .. Sure. I mean I can be hidden on certain jobs...

Have you ever failed?

Yes... Many times ... or .... Yeah.... more than a little.
No!!Not at all . . or . . Yes, I mean a few times BUT not a lot!!!!