Would you survive as a Demigod?

Would you survive as a Demigod?

You've read the books. You've watched the movies. But do you have what it takes to survive?

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Your normal teacher resigned mysteriously and the new one is more than a bit weird. One day she beckons you to her desk and says she has to speak with you outside. You...

Refuse. Something's wrong here...
Laugh in her face, then escape.
Accept. She might be offering her help for
some of the weird things that have been
happening lately...
Ambush her with your totally awesome
weapon. One monster down, five billion to

You're most likely a daughter/son of...

One of the Big Three!
Minor god. Hermes, Demeter...nothing flashy.
Athena. (Rock on, sister/bro)

This is going to sound weird, but do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend as a demigod? This totally contributes to your survival.

Yes, of course!
No way.
Possibly...depends on what kind of people
there are.

Your friends are...

All the popular demigods.
Friends? What friends?
Percy, the Stolls, Leo... The troublemakers
Annabeth, Piper, etc. the awesome smart
guys. :)
I'm too busy making stuff and planning my
next quest to have friends.

There's a quest! You...

Volunteer immediately!
Wait to see if you're needed on this quest.
Hide in your cabin and hope you don't get
picked to go...
You don't care if you go or not, you're fine
either way.

You're on a quest searching for something and you have a great lead as to where it is. But going to the place might endanger your life. What do you do?

Keep going with the quest. The world is far
more important than your life.
Leave immediately and never show your face
to the world again. You're too young to die!
Try to find a more risk-free route.
You wouldn't even be on the freakin quest in
the first place.
Whatever your leader tells you.

What group are you in?

Greek. Camp Half Blood rocks!
Roman. Grrrr
Hunter of Artemis. Sorry, girls only.

On a normal day at camp, you'll most likely be found...

Eating. The food is great here, and free!!!
Sharpening my weapons.
Battle practice!
Hangin' with my peeps.
With my boyfriend/girlfriend on the beach.
Daydreaming. ( boys, unicorns...)
Archery, oh yeah!
Saving the world. Duhhh.

Weapon of Choice:

Bow and Arrow! (Yes girls, I know you want to
be like Katniss)
My bare hands...Bwa ha ha!
No fighting for me!


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