Are you a vampire?

Are you a vampire?

find out if you are really a vampire, or if you just believe in the stereo types and are nothing close to one

published on February 24, 2013113 responses 20 3.8★ / 5

You are fast.

IDK i don't really pay attention.
Yes! My middle name is SPEEEED!

You like the taste of blood.

You like the taste of blood.
Yes, if my thumb is bleeding I do love the taste
What?! I hate blood... why? why ask? that's so abnormal to like! Hehehehe...

Are your teeth sharp?

Are your teeth sharp?
Yes. Always. I would show you, but you're a quiz :p
Well, when I'm walking outside at night they seem to get sharper...

are you pale?

Yes. I dont feel like i have a lot of blood in me either.
yea, I guess, but i dont want to be

when can you see better

Night! I have night vision! like a bat (hint hint)
Night. I just feel more awake.