Sorting Hat Quiz

Sorting Hat Quiz

Welcome to Hogwarts, the most prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardry. You will now be placed into one of the following houses to be with people of your kind.

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You’re with your friends, and it’s game night. While playing monopoly, you notice that one of the players gave you too much money for landing on your property. You:

Give the money back. You wouldn’t cheat a friend!
Their fault for not having the intelligence to add correctly. You keep the money.
Give the money back because you want to win fairly.
It’s a clear sign that you will end up victorious. Keep the money because you want to WIN.

While driving, you check your cell phone for the time to make sure you won’t be late for a very important meeting. Within the 2 seconds that your attention wasn’t on the road, a drunk man attempts to j-walk and you hit him. You:

Pull over and aid him in any way possible.
Keep driving. He is probably dead anyway, and pulling over will only get you in jail. Nobody wins if you try to be the “hero”.
You freak out! And possibly cry. I mean, you most likely just killed someone!!
Check and see if he’s alright. If he’s dead, you explain to the judge that the alcohol impaired his balance and motor functions, and that he “killed himself” instead of you killing him.

Your friend introduces you to his/her crush, and it turns out that you are very attracted to him/her. You:

Brush off the crush. Besides the fact that your friend liked him/her first, you have better things to worry about.
Let your friend have him/her. It wouldn’t be right for you take your friend’s crush.
Be flirtatious, and see if you can get the crush to like you. The fact that your friend saw him/her first doesn’t really mean anything.
Despite your friend’s feelings, you intuitively go for the crush because you wouldn’t want to pass a chance on love, but you would feel bad about it at first.

You’re VERY good looking. Your looks:

Make it easier for me to get what I want…. ;)
Are one of my many awesome characteristics :D
Make me POPULAR, and I love the attention
Are not a big deal. “good looks” are subjective, and being “attractive” is common to everyone. I have MUCH better traits….but thanks anyway for the compliment.

Your professor separates the class into groups for a group project. You:

Start delegating. The new group needs to get used to its new leader.
Immediately start on the tasks that the group has set at hand. You’re a very hard worker.
Sit back and analyze the traits of your new team mates. Let them handle the areas that they happen to be experts in, and you perfect all the other areas so the group would surely get an A.
Take a peek at what the other groups are doing. In the end, you want to out shine them all, because at everything you do you are the best.

You’re in an organization/club, and a new person comes in. She is very friendly, but does not seem very bright. You:

Understand that unless she is masking her intelligence to get people to underestimate her, you two will not be close friends.
Befriend her. She’s really nice, and even if she is not smart she most likely is really good at something else. You try your best to not judge others and to love everyone.
Be really nice to her. She may be of use to you someday.
Treat her with kindness, because she is now on your team, and you do what’s best for everyone that’s in the team.

You just earned a wonderful award. You:

Feel very proud of yourself, you just accomplished something great and it adds on to your character.
Understand that it’s a wonder award, but rather than gloat you are merely thankful.
Saw it coming. You are very proud, but at the same time you aren’t too surprised.
Much more than satisfied with the success of your determination. You love achievements. They are great motivational factors for you.

What did you do with your first pay check? (the one that DIDN’T go to your parents)

Saved the money for something big, such as a nice car, expensive electronics, etc.
Spend a lot of the money on social gatherings (clubs, movies, eating out, etc)
SPLURGE. You spoiled yourself rotten!
Savings account. You used the money when you saw a need for it.

Due to an illness, you missed a couple classes and do not feel prepared for an exam. The professor denies your request to reschedule your test. You:

Prepare to beg the teacher to reschedule the test for you in person, because it is highly unfair for him to not do so.
Panic, because you know that he won’t change his mind and that you are seriously screwed.
Cram study. You can memorize what the class has done in the course of a week in one night. Plus, it keeps the information fresh in your head.
Cheat. Why respect the regulations of your professor if he can’t respect your rights to fairness? Besides, had you gone to class you would have passed it anyway.

Someone highly insults you in public. How do you react?

I pity his arrogance. Pathetic creature.
Just keep walking and pretend like it didn’t hurt when really, it did. Why do people have to be so mean sometimes?
Comeback with an even greater insult that will rot him to the core of his being, making him feel terrible about himself and embarrassing him in front of others.
Confront him and tell him that what he said was uncalled for.

To what extent should ethics be considered in lab experiments?

Depends on the purpose of the experiment. If the results are necessary, then the experiment should be done, regardless of how ethical it is.
Experiments are fine as long as nobody gets hurt.
To the fullest extent. Science should never be an excuse to do something that’s wrong.
Ethics? Such a vague concept. Depending on factors such as environment, culture, social norms, etc, ethics vary greatly, which is why they shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Only things that are OBVIOUSLY unethical should be avoided.

You know what? I think you’re very lazy.

I would insult you back, but considering how insecure you must be, I’m pretty sure you do a good enough job at putting yourself down, so it saves me the trouble of doing so. Hey, I guess I am lazy huh? "lol"
That’s an unfair judgment. You barely know me. Are you ok?
I wouldn’t call it being lazy. I’d call it being resourceful, and not doing things that I really don’t have to do. My time is precious, and if I can find short cuts to things I will gladly take them. Work smarter, not harder.
That’s not true at all. I’m a VERY hard worker. I can do any task at hand and I do plenty of things myself, thank you very much.

You walk by a dark alley, and see someone getting beat up. All the nearby stores are closed, and you don’t have your cell phone on you. What do you do?

Nothing. There’s nothing I can do really. Plus, bad things happen to everyone. You either get stronger or let the bad things keep you down.
Wait for the crooks to leave, then see if there is anything I can do for the poor fellow.
Walk by quietly and hope that they don’t notice me….
Jump in and save him

A group of elitists attempt to overthrow the people running UNLV, and demand that only people that scored at least past the 75% national rank in all areas of their college placement examinations should be admitted into UNLV. A large majority of the school does not think it’s fair, and fights back. You:

Choose not to fight back. You don’t want to get it trouble, but you hope it works out.
You fight. The “elitists” weren’t thinking clearly when they made this irrational decision, and need to understand how negatively it would affect our school.
If it affects you, you fight. If it doesn’t, then you see no need to do so. In fact, you even think it’s a good idea.
FIGHT. You’re a rebel, and your strong sense of pride in your school will make you stand up against any injustices that threaten it.

Are you a team player, or do you prefer flying solo?

I'll be the leader of a team if that's what you mean.
I prefer flying solo. I can't trust that my team members would know what they're doing.
A team. A lot can get done in a strong unit
A team, because I LOVE being around people!

What do you like in a significant other?

Someone that pleasures me mentally and physically
Not sure, but I know that i'll love him/her unconditionally and protect him/her with all my being.
Someone that matches my intelligence so I can have someone to actually talk to.
Someone that's down to Earth, friendly, and loveable :D

How would you be as a parent?

I would raise my child to be unbiased, friendly, and modest.
I'd raise them with the capability of fending for themselves. They will grow up to be independent and successful.
I would highly enforce the value of an education and make sure that they success academically.
My children would grow up to be good people with strong morals and values. They'll never be afraid to do what's right.

Rules and Regulations. What about them?

Rules? You mean guidelines. They were made by people, and I don’t blindly trust others.
They’re necessary, but if I know in my heart that breaking a rule is the right thing to do, I’ll do it.
I follow them. They’re there for a reason you know.
I like rules. They’re good methods of preserving people and keeping order, but if I don’t find them fitting for me personally, I disregard them.

Are you going to be famous someday?

I am very charismatic, so I most likely will.
Probably not, but thats ok. As long as I'm surrounded by friends and family that care, I'm happy :)
More than likely. Great discoveries are accompanied by fame, but I dont really care for that anyway.
Of course. I come out on top in everything I do, and I'm always recognized for my greatness.

Which house would you like me to place you in?

Gryffindor!! Everyone loves that one
Wait, so you’re willing to let me pick just like that? I don’t need to bribe you?
Place me where I rightfully belong.
This can’t be a serious question.