What kind of wizard are you? (2)

What kind of wizard are you? (2)

What kind of wizard are you? Find out here! Are you a fire, air, tree, water, dark, or master wizard?

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If you were in a play you would most likely be...

the lead singer
swaying in the backround
plotting a way to get revenge on the leads cause they stole your part
gossiping about who got wich parts
stage designer
a tree youll leave the best parts for other people

what do you do on your free time

invite your friends over, of course you pick what to do
just sit and read, who needs friends anyway
plan a prank to pull on your sister
gossip gossip gossip theres sooo much to say
sit down with your note book and draw
bake cookies for every one yum

whats your favorite flavor of ice cream

anything i always get what i want
just plain old vanilla
nothing ill just make my own i dont trust anyone
something fruity
im not sure i like to be creative
something chocolatey

whats favorite subject in school

anything where i am the leader
nothing where i have to talk to other people
nothing i hate school
reccess i love to gossip
social studies

if you cuold descibe yourself in one word what would it be?


if you were an animal what would you be

gold fish
wolf or shark

what is your dream date

a walk in the park
movies no one has to talk there
no where im better of alone
i dont care i just cant wait to tell every one
some where creative
a moonlit dinner