General Personality ish Quiz!!! :)

General Personality ish Quiz!!! :)

A random quiz you can take to find out stuff about yourself and yeah!!!

published on February 23, 201326 responses 14
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what is your favourite hobby in this list?

drawing or painting or playing a musical instrument
studying and reading
shopping for clothes and shoes
anything but nothing
saving the world!!! looking at conservation sites and making campaigns!
doing sport

what is your favourite food in the list?

ice cream with colourful sprinkles
fruit n' veg
party food
a crazy combo like carrots and lemonade
something vegetarian
a bite to need to finish your game of tennis

what do you want for your birthday?

art supplies
clothes and shoes
anything! preferably joke toys!
posters, badges, SAVE THE WORLD!
a new bike, a tennis racket

for a special treat you would have...

a special arts master class
a meeting with a famous author
a week in a shopping resort with shop till you drop and non stop partying!
a holiday to somewhere sunny or snowy
a free conservation pack with posters, stickers and badges etc...
a ski trip or a wind surfing lesson

what is your favourite colour?

all of just love colours! maybe...or green or purple...something bright or glamourous!
yellow! orange! red! green! ooh i don't know! NEON and bright!
i don't know....anything that looks good on my new bike!

what is your favourite item of clothing?

um....a colourful pair of jeans
a skirt
everything! i just love clothes...i just love sparkly dresses and shoes!
a classic t-shirt
a t-shirt with a campaign slogan on it
my new sports outfit (shorts, joggers, hoodie)

what is your favourite subject?

art and music
all of them...especially science
i like maths and english
english...ooh...and languages...i like science too...i can't decide

what is your favourite genre of book?

fantasy or a drawing guide
all of them are good...i really like detective series and mysteries or adventure
i don't like to read...i prefer to party...maybe romance though
joke books or funny ones anyway
endangered animal books and any animal book or science book...sci-fi is good
sports people biographies...sporty books

what is your favourite animal?

parrot because it's colourful
the owl because it's wise
a cat or a dog...maybe a rabbit...soooo cute
a penguin...they are so funny when they waddle
all of the animals!
the cheetah because it's fast

which of these words best describes you?

creative, cool, different
intelligent, hard-working, i try my best
glamourous, popular, partying all the time
crazy, funny, bubbly
determind, very opinionated, outgoing
sporty, fun loving, loves adventure