Your honest oppinion of someone (looks)

Your honest oppinion of someone (looks)

Hey guys, this is jess (call me jessie) here again for another one of my new quizzes out of my collection of 'your honest oppinion' quizzes. YAY! This quiz is made, so that you find out your honest oppinion on someone, or what you want to believe. Think of someone you know, then answer the following qbout them...

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Do you feel jelouse towards them?

Do you feel jelouse towards them?
Yes yes and yes!!!!
Yes, but you try to hide it. (BE HONEST)
NO FRIKKIN WAY!!!! Ughh yuck
No, but that doesn't mean you don't think they're pretty. You LOVE how they look.
Everyone else is jelous towards them, so that makes you jelouse towards them.
Undecided or other

what would you rate them out of ten

what would you rate them out of ten
9 or 10out of10
9 or 10 out of 10 . (if only it was 5/10 :((()
its according to what everyone else thinks. Hmm, people think shes 8/10 but I kinda think shes 5 or 6/10
1-3 out of10
9out of10 actualy...nooo 7 out of10

Your oppinion on how pretty they are is based on...

I dont know. I just think shes pretty.
I know shes pretty because Im jelous of her.
What everyone else thinks. Everyone thinks she's pretty so she MUST be...although, sometimes I kind of hesitate on how pretty she is and kinda change my mind.
Um. they aren't pretty in the first place. full stop.
I dont know. I just think she's pretty, really pretty but...she could've been prettier...
Well I wouldn't say they are exactly prettyy pretty...

Do you like how they look?

Do you like how they look?
No. They are really pretty, which makes me jelous, which means no, i dont like how they look.
Well, everyone else does, so I guess i do too.

but when i sometimes think about it, I think they actualy dont look as pretty as everyone suggests.
Umm yeh sure... but her hair COULD'VE BEEN BETTER... (Even though I really like how she looks) and her shoes, the little details, yknow
I don't hate it, but i dont love it.

What would you change about them.

Nothing. they are pretty.
Everything. If I could change them I would make them uglier, they are soo pretty which makes me jel.
Um, well everyone thinks she's perfect but... she isn't...
They are perfect. Pritty pritty. but I would change little things about them, little details...
Well I would change a bit about them, but I would keep some stuff about them.

Has your oppinion on them changed over a period of time, as in maybe you used to think she was ugly but now you suddenly think shes pretty.

Has your oppinion on them changed over a period of time, as in maybe you used to think she was ugly but now you suddenly think shes pretty.
I used to think they were ugly, but now its like I think they are prettier because everyone else does.

If you put yourself in there footsteps (as in look how they look), how would you feel?

Happy, the girls pretty.
HAPPY!!!! It isn't everyday you get to BE the girl your jelous of!
Well everyone is DIENG to be in her footsteps, so I guess I'm dieng to be in their footsteps too. Only for that reason.
I would feel good and happy. The girl's prettier than me. Still... her feet are a tiny bit too small and her hair is kinda... (something negative about them)
I would feel normal. I wouldn't feel over the moon as they are not that pretty, but I wouldn't feel HORRIFIED.

Can you ever think of anyone liking them?

Can you ever think of anyone liking them?
No, you simply CANNOT understand why anyone would like them.
Yes, but you dont want anyone to like them. (OR, you wish the same person you think likes them, liked you.)
Ummmm...yehhhh, you THINK people like her but you like, can't understand why?
maybe. you dunnu.
Well, everyone else seems to like them so that means you think they are likeable.

who do you think they look like (famous)?

Someone pretty. A pretty popstar, like... Rhianna, Katy perry, cheryl cole etc
Someone pretty. (Like in the above.) UNFORTUNATLY
Um, everyone says they look like a pretty popstar like (insert name of pretty popstar)
Um...someone really ugly, a really ugly famous person (wont insert any names because it will be rude)
Someone pretty, like Taylor Swift, except there are little features that let her down. (E.G-Taylor Swift, nice eyes and cheekbones, her nose lets her down)
someone average

Do you think they could've been prettier.

No, pretty already!
No, they are too pretty, anyway, you wouldn't take the chance of making them prettier if you had the opertunity. They're way too pritty already
Well everyone thinks she's really pretty, so that means I think shes pretty...

but I still think she COULD'VE been prettier.
Well they are pretty but they COULD HAVE BEEN PRETTIER. (even though you secretly think she's really really pretty
Um, well they're not exactly ugly, but they could be prettier. yeh.