What's your personality? (2)

What's your personality? (2)

This quiz will give you an insight of what you are really like. it will show your inner self.

published on February 21, 201345 responses 11
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What do you like to do for fun?

Stare at myself in the mirror
Be outside and joke about with my friends
Be at a party and dance all night.. and be the last to leave!
Are you kidding? I don't have for fun... fun is sinful
Be out wiv ma gurls/boyz just chllin' and having a good time!

What is your hobby?

I sit and pick faults with books
Going to the best theme parks and go on the fastest rides there is!!
Going to the gym and showing off my washboard abs!!
SHOPPING WIV MY GALS!!!! I need a pair of shoes for everyday of the year!!
I dont really have a hobby, but i like to spend my time doing fun things

What is your favourite song out of these....?

Too sexy for my shirt
How we do (party)
God save the Queen
I knew you were trouble

What colour hair would you like to have out of these....?

Brown with blonde highlights
Totally blonde!!!
Red!!! Like a strawberry!!!

What is your fav animal out of these....?

Oooh! Zebra!! They are stripy!!!
A boxer dog!!
Tigers are cool!!
none i hate animals!!!

What would you do if you were out with your bff at the cinema..you had to wait in the waiting room because you were early..whilst waiting your bff accidenty knocked over her bottle of coke and it went everywhere..everyone stopped and looked at you..what would you do???

walk away and pretend i didnt know them..i have a reputation to uphold you know!!
stand and laugh a little but then go get help to get it cleaned up.
Go bright red and hope that no one that you knew was there to see...get help and then forget that it ever happened
do nothing and carry on murmuring to myself on why i didnt want to come in the first place...
Laugh really loud and and atttract more attention!! You only live once right??

Finally, how would you describe yourself?

Handsome, Charming and completely buff
Happy, Kind and Hyper
Sweet, Kind and Pretty
Moody, Boring and Basically depressive
Funny, Hyper and Fidgety!!!