Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend!

Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend!

Sorry For Single Girls Only! And be HONEST! If You Boys Want A Quiz Then Just Comment And I Will Make One!

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How Would You Explain Your Dating Situation Right Now?

I Would Date This One Guy I Have Had A Huge
Crush On For A Long Time!
I Would Date ANYONE Who Walks My Way!
There Are A Couple Guys I Would Date!
There Are No Guys I Would Date Who I Know
Right Now!

How Many Guys Have You Dated?


Describe Yourself In One Word! Be Honest!


Who Do You Mostley Hang Out With?

My Group Of Friends (So Like 4-10 People) (Boys
And Girls)
Everyone! I Am Always At A Party!
Myself! I Am NOT A Huge Fan Of People.
My One Or 2 BFF(s)

How Often Do You Go Out? (With Friends, To Parties, Or With A Boy Wink Wink!)

All The Time! PARTY!
2-3 Times A Week!
Once And A While. I Would Rather Stay Home.
(Almost) NEVER! What The Point?

How Long Does It Take For You To Kiss A Boy?

I Have Never Had A Boyfriend!
2nd Or 3rd Date. I Don't Like To Rush Things.
1st Date Or When He Asks Me Out!
5th Or 6th Date!
I Have Never Been Kissed!