What Naruto Character are You?

What Naruto Character are You?

Take this quiz to find out what Naruto character you're like! Leave a comment showing what character you are!

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It is the morning; you have just woken up. Today is the day for the big exam: What do you say/do to get ready?

"Right! Gotta ace this exam and never look back!"
"Too troublesome. I need more sleep..."
"Okay! Gotta feed my pets!"
"What's for breakfast? Man, I'm hungry as hell."
"Ok! If it's to beat my rival, I won't give up!"
"I've trained for months; all leading up to this. Bring it
"Okay. This is what I've been training for. If it'll help
me overcome my obstacles in life, I've gotta do my
"Ok! Time to ace this exam and leave my opponent in
the dust!"
"Oh, it's time. Where did I get up to in my book last
"I OVERSLEPT! Gotta train twice as fast to get there in
time! I'll start with 10,000 Reps!"
"I'll... Do my -um- best..."
"Oh. A test. I'll see what I can do. Why? Because-"
Your mum calls up: "Breakfast!" and interrupts you.

It's time for your match. The enemy: A ninja from the Hidden Sound Village. The match starts, and he throws a kunai right at you! You:

Dodge it!
Throw shuriken to deflect it!
Slash at the kunai with your sword to deflect!
8 Trigrams: 64 Defensive Palms!
Jump into the air to dodge!
Busy thinking ahead...
Use bugs to deflect it.
8 Trigrams: Rotation!
Super-Expand your hand to catch it.
Jump out of the way with your dog.

Now it's your turn to attack! You weave signs, concentrating your chakra into:

Lightning Blade!
8 Trigram: 64 Palms!
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!
Hidden Lotus!
Cherry Blossom Clash!
Fang over Fang!
Shadow Neck Bind!
Hidden Jutsu: Insect Bog.
8 Trigrams: 32 Palms!
Human Boulder!
Fire Style: Burning Ash!

When the smoke clears, your opponent is out for the count! Where do you go to celebrate?

Back to my house, I guess...
To my bed. Where else...
Probably home. Why? Because- (You're interrupted by
your opponent congratulating you)
There's a ritual ceremony waiting for me when I return.
To the BBQ Bento place down the street.
To Ichiraku with my rival to celebrate!
To train more! I could've won better than I did!
To read peacefully at the library.
To take my dog for a walk.
To wipe my rival's face in my victory!
I'm gonna go for a quick walk, to think about how the
match went.

What is your weapon of choice?

My Father's Short Sword.
A Big-Ass Rasengan!
My fists. What's a better weapon than that?
The shadows.
A Katana.
Shuriken Cloned with a jutsu!
My bugs.
My bare hands are the deliverers of justice!
My dog! Isn't he cute?
The momentum created by my bulging belly!
The Gentle Fists.
The -um- Gentle fists!

Finally, your goals!

To -um...- To...
To become a truly splendid ninja like my sensei!
To sleep.
Oh, I'm sorry; What were you saying? I was just
To raise my dog to be the best pet ever!
To go to a five-star restaurant and eat as much as I
Just to show Ino-pig who's the better ninja!
To defeat my brother.
I don't have my own goal. My life was all planned out
from the start.
To be recognised.