Hate Taylor Swift or love her.

Hate Taylor Swift or love her.

It might be love Taylor wift or Hate Taylor Swift. Too bad I can't tell you the answers!

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Where did Taylor Swift break up with Harry Styles?

In the toilet
At the beach
At the movies
At the hotel room
At America
At a pool party

Is Taylor Swift dead?

No she isn't.
Yeah of course she is.
She probaly is dead. Not sure.

Does Taylor Swift have a album called 'Red'?

Yes. She does.
No. She doesn't.
I am dumb and don't know.
I forgot.

What was her last boyfriend she broke up in Janurary 2013?

Justin Beiber
Guy Sebastion
Reece Mastin
Harry Styles
All of One Direction
All of Hot Chelle Rae

Is Taylor Swift dead? If she is where did she die.

Nowhere. She didn't die.
In the sand at the beach nearly down to hell.
In a cemetary.
At school.
At the movies. She died under a seat.
I love Taylor Swift.
I hate Taylor Swift.

Why did people tell Taylor to die?

Because she's dumb.
She used an English acsent and all the 1D fans thought it was mean.
She was funny and people kept wetting her pants.