what .char. of pewdieie are you???

what .char. of pewdieie are you???

do you love pewdiepie i do. pewdiepie game/what char of pewdiepie are you???

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if a new vid comes out what do you say?

fk you pewdiepie

if you see a barralll what do you do?

KILL IT!!! (like a bro)
save it :3 (like a pussy)
f***/fk its mom and kill them both

is Mr.char a (you can only guess


If a boy do you want to be pewdiepie/if your a girl do you want to fk pewdiepie

this really counts if your evil or not :)

Yes (boy)
No (boy)
yes (girl)
no (girl)

do you like him?

F*** YEA! (stephano
F*** NO!
F***! YEA! (mr.char)