What sort of animal are you?

What sort of animal are you?

To find out what animal your personality truly describes, answer these questions and i can assure you that your personality will be connected somewhat close to the final results.

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What do you prefer?

To be with your friends or family or community group
To be adventuring or enjoying the freedom you have at hand
To be around others
To be alone enjoying the peace and quiet
To be doing something you enjoy doing by yourself

If someone you knew were to die, what would be your first reaction?

Be alone and hope no one else you know comes to harm/death
Be too shy to talk about it and be with others for support
Weep and be upset about it, taking time to make sure the person has moved on
Enjoy the last memories you have of them
Keep your feelings to yourself and just act tough in front of others

What sort of emotion do you experience most of the time?

Depression or fear
Anger or rage
Relaxation or freedom
At peace

What sort of person would you prefer to be with?

A person that is free and magestic
A person that is quite shy
Someone that is a calm yet happy soul
A person that will snap back at you to give you competition
A person you can trust and wont push your boundaries

On holidays, what would you do if you could?

Adventuring the area around your home more closely
Keeping to yourself and just enjoying your own things
Spending time with friends
Travelling to different places to enjoy the new surroundings
Staying wih others and exploring different places, depending on the weather