What Dog breed are you? (1)

What Dog breed are you? (1)

Wanna be a dog? Take this quiz to find out which one are you! *HOWLS* PUPPIES!

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What do you like about being a dog?

Sleep and eat.
To have beautiful fur
Doing my job as a dog.
When you're a dog, you're much smarter and you have good ears for those dog catchers!

Some people think you're...

Fat :(
Tough and cool to the bone!
Smart, all my teachers say that, right?
short or annoying.

Do you believe in yourself?

No, other dogs are so much better than me. :(
Like, yeah.
a little spirit for myself, not too much.
What do you mean?

Let's say you had a brother or sister, they accidently burnt your clothes with the iron, those were your only clothes and you have to get dressed in a 20 minutes what will you do?

NO! Ughh, I give up!
My clothes! Just wait until I catch you!
Get yourself together and tell her/him to just go away.
Tell the person to forget it, your clothes are burnt, thanks to your brother/sister.
Stare at them and cry, your going to be late.

Your owner put you in the cage, This German shepherd cross dog name Rico wasn't in the cage and he was walking by what will you do?

Talk to Rico, I guess
Leave Rico alone and face it, its apart of life for the dogs also he isn't going to hear you.
Hey Rico, get the key!

You have a petsitter. She loves dogs so much that she treats dogs like a babies, What will you do?

Accept it, I guess.
Chill out until my owner comes back.
Snarl at her.
*stern face* Do I look like a baby to you?
She's nice!

What dog is you?

English Bulldog
Standard poodle
German Shepherd
Border collie