Which Member of Boy's House Are You?

Which Member of Boy's House Are You?

Just three boys living in a boy's house? Which one are YOU? Dan, Charlie or Andrew?

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What artist would you prefer to listen to?

Grizzly Bear
Led Zeppelin
The Killers

It's a weeknight, what're you doing?

Studying and catching up on school work
Half assign your school work and watching Netflix
Juggling several non-school related projects

How much do you drink on a night out?

Rarely push your limits, still get drunk
Drink to get drunk, may get sick
Clearly don't care about limits, may end in vomit, fight, or black out

What kind of girl are you attracted to?

One that lives up to your standards
Open to anything
Smart girls

Which TV show reflects your life the most?

National Geographic
The Office

What Superhero are you?

Iron Man
Captain America

Your friend gets pushed after a party, what do you do?

Mouth off and are willing to fight back
Talk your friend down, who cares about the other guy?
Find a peaceful resolution for everyone.

You get a really bad grade on a project, whats your reaction?

Angry but looks at it as an opportunity to better myself
Hold in your feelings, its no one else's business

How do you dress on an average day?

Dress to impress
Dress to be comfortable
Depends how I feel in the morning

You see someone you kind of know on the street, what do you do?

Give a friendly wave
Strick up a conversation
Try to ignore them

What's your preferred Sport to watch?

Sports? Like the Huey Lewis album?

Which Disney character would you have sex with?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty from, ya know
Meg from Hercules

Your flipping through the channels, which one of these movies do you watch?

Crazy, Stupid, Love
Fight Club
Jurassic Park

Someone makes eye contact with you at a party, what do you think?

They're into me
They're drunk
What are they looking at?

How do you feel about this test?

It was funny
It was egotistical
You guys are idiots