Would You SUrvive a Zombie Apocalypse? (1)

Would You SUrvive a Zombie Apocalypse? (1)

In this quiz you'll find out if you get eaten by the zombies, or win the war and live until an old age.

published on February 16, 201375 responses 12 4.7★ / 5

First of all, what weapon would you take?

Matchete with unlimited uses
An M16 with exactly 2,379 bullets. No more, no less
Bow and arrow with 368 arrows

Where do you camp out?

In a medium-sized tent in the woods, far away from the city but you have to find supplies yourself
In an abandoned hotel where you're "sure" there aren't zombies. You also have all the supplies you need

Ok, so we're all settled down. What do you do next?

Panic, panic, PANIC!
Try and think of things that'll calm you down. You may be safe, but you don't want to go around screaming
Take a walk around abandoned parts of places. Theme parks, malls, maybe even shop for clothes!
Start preparing extra things; just incase.

You see a person walking toward you. You realiza it's your friend Sam. He walks toward you and you see he's injured. Trust him? Or not?

Trust him. You have medicine in your pack, but also might be wasting it. What if his virus is incurable?
Go up to him and kill him; you're not taking chances

Ok, so after a few days with him, he died. (if you killed him before, great job! You would've wasted medicine)


On your way to get more supplies, you see your other friend, Stephanie, walking into the supply shop. She sees you and tells you to come. You go.When you walk out, a group of three gangsters corner you. Do you fight?

Heck yeah I fight! I beat the daylights outta them!
I surrender, but a few days later get away with Stephanie

The final wave of zombies is here. You go to fight. Will this be your final battle?

Yes! I am the zombie killer! I fight until I die!
Umm... I guess I'll stay home..