What type of bird would you be?

What type of bird would you be?

Human beings may not necessarily have to hunt their food or defend their young from prey these days but deep down we all have natural instincts and inbred characteristics. Here are just three types of bird and we invite you to compare yourself to their characteristics to determine which of them best describes your approach to health and fitness. A little insight goes a long way towards helping you address bad habits and build on your strengths.

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You have been given an exercise regime by your health and fitness mentor do you...?

A. Throw yourself into it full on doing the exercises
twice a day in the hope you'll reach your fitness goal
B. Plod through the exercises ensuring you complete
them with minimum effort
C. Embark upon the regime, planning when you will
exercise over the next week and following the trainer
to the best of your ability

Do your normal eating habits comprise

A. Lots of convenience food
B. Healthy food but not very varied
C. Health food of every nationality and flavour you
can prepare

When faced with a crisis how does your diet go?

A. Crisis! Aaargh! All thought of dieting goes out the
window and you head for the biscuits
B. You panic and end up eating very little at all.
C. You become even more determined to keep
control over something in your life – you diet

Where would your evening meal generally come from?

A. From the freezer aisle or shelves of the local
B. From your cupboards – anything you can get your
hands on
C. From the local wholefood or local food supplier

How do you approach a health and fitness plan?

A. Start well but if it gets too tough you abandon it
in panic
B. Rely heavily on a mentor – even calling them in
the middle of the night if you are struggling
C. You plan each day’s food and fitness well in
advance and stick to the diet to the letter