Are You a Jedi or a Sith

Think your a Jedi? Think your a Sith? Now you can! See what you would do in problems in the Star Wars galaxy. Now with new questions!

published on July 06, 201153 responses 10
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Your ship crashed in the thick jungles of Kashyyk. You are attacked by a groop of Wookies. What do you do?

Tell them that you come in peace and you mean no harm.
Mind trick them into helping you.
You use Force Lighting and Force Fury to kill all of them.

You fide the parts to your ship, what do you do with the Wookies.

Leave them with gifts of gratitude.
Take them back as worriors.
You kill them for doing nothing.
(If you ansered c. in the last question) You killed them so you took out your anger on a Wookie tribe.

You sence a disturbence and your attacked. You go to the jedi councel. What do you do?

Tell them what happened exactlly.
Tell them you where stranded and lasted for a few days on tree bark.
Fufill your dream and kill the jedi masters.

You're asigned to break into the Cinidel and rescue Asoka Tono and her captain with importaint info. What do you do?

Take the mission.
Don't take it and say all the reasons why you shouldn't
Go, get the intell, and kill everyone.

While you where gone, the jedi purge took place. You are confronted by Darth Vader. What do you do?

Defend against your life.
Tell him to draw his weapon.
Become his aprentice.

Twnety years later you board the Death Star as a rouge Storm Trouper. What do you do?

Sabotage the plans and slow down the impending doom.
Comfront the Darth Vader and the Emperor only to be suduced
Kill the Emperor and Darth Vader and become emperor

You survive the distruction of the Death Star and land on Yavin. You find the Rebel's Secret base. What do you do?

Help the rebels with their plans
Secretly protect the outer perimiter of the base
Distroy the base and claim it for the Galactic Empire

You meat Darth Vader's secret aprentice, Starkiller. What do you do?

Arrest him in the name of the rebelion
Secretly stalk him untill it is the right moment to strike
Convince him to become your aprentice