Are You In Love?

Are You In Love?

test ti see if your in love<3

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When you see them in the hallway and they say hi do you get butterflies?


When they talk do you love there voice?

oh yes

Do you do all the talking?

Yes, im a blabber mouth and talk all the time!
No, im to shy i like tohear his voice and see him smile!

Do they make you smile when they laugh?

He has the best smile ever(yes)
I like to make him think im bored so he will try harder(no)

Has he ever told anyone he liked you knowing that you would find out?

yes, he gives me little hints
no, he likes to keep private stuff to himself

Do you try to get out of class faster to meet him in that corner to just talk?

oh my god yes!
no, he can wait for me