What song should you listen to?

What song should you listen to?

If you want to know what song you should listen to, I suggest you take this quiz Hun.

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Pick a color(s) please.

Light blue
Pale Rose
Bright Red

Pick the one that best describes you at the moment.

I feel so Depressed and Alone. I don't know what to
think anymore.
I'm insecure. I'd do anything to change myself.
I'm so Nostalgic. I miss the old days, wherw I was
happy. I just wish I could be there again.
I just wanna scream. I'm so angey and upset.
I just had a really bad break up. I don't know what to
I really need to laugh.

Pick one.

Teddy Bear
Photos of family memebers/the past
Broken Wrist

what lyrics do you like the most?

"She would change everything, everything, just ask
her. Caught in the inbetween of beautiful disaster."
"My Love for you was Bulletproof but you're the on
who shot me!"
"So animated might as well call me Mickey!"
"Does the televison make you feel the pills you ate, or
every person that you made to be?"
"But theres nothin' to do, But scream at the drunken
"She's givin' boys what they want, tries to act so
nonchalant. Afraid to see that she's lost her own

Which Band/Artist do you like the most?

Blood on The Dance Floor
Jon McLaughlin
My Chemical Romance
Pierce the Veil