who is your monster high boyfriend?

who is your monster high boyfriend?

this quiz is will be awesome [:. I made it for all you major monster high fans

published on February 11, 201364 responses 9
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what is your fav color?

neon green

what is your fav food?

mac and cheese
greek monster fusion my own creation
hot wings make um' so hot to make a dragon cry
steak and lots of it

who is the cutest ghoul in monster high?

frankie fine
frankie stein
cleo denile

what is your pet peeve?

monsters who think thatfootball players are all dumb jocks, i'll compare cpa's with anybody well, except gholia yelp
having to listening to loud music with a beat . It causes me to lose my short term memery and my long term dignity
people who annoy me
having to listen to boring music, seriously if music can't transform you it ain't nothing but static

what is your style?

casual a' la clawdeen it would be dumb not to listen toher fasion advice
sweater vests and plain outfits
skate shoes, hoodies and my signiture shades, i also rock athe snake mohawk
my style is on fire baby, no really i have flames leaping off my body .i also have a smokin' ying-yang symbol tatooed on my backand of corse i never go anywhere without my headphoness 'cause you never know when a beat will blaze up