Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Find out who you really are.

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How do feel about change in your life?


How do you handle criticism from others?

Start criticizing the other person
Sensitive and fell quite offended by it
Don't let it affect you

When you are working what attitude do you take toward it?

Methodically plan your time so that there is plenty of time to do other things as well.
Feel under pressure to get it done on time
It needs to be done, so just get it over with.

If you meet someone new who just arrived in town, what is your first reaction toward them?

Friendly, they are new and need to be welcomed.
Wary, they could be someone mean
Suspicious, cause they could turn out to be anyone

How do you handle relationships?

Cautious, afraid of getting heart broken
Friendly, open, showing interest in other person
Closed off, sometimes hostile or aggressive.