Are you a good student?

Are you a good student?

This quiz is for 10-13 year olds:) Are u a good student? Find out here!! :)

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You have an essay that you have to give up to your teacher in 3 days , do you...

do the essay the first day you find out about it?
you do it the night before its due
You tell the teacher that you totaly forgot about it

Your teacher tells you that you need to improve your attitude to school do you

change your attitude a bit
Tell her that your attitude to school is perfect and walk away

Your friend gets in trouble for something that u did do you

own up and face the consequences
When the teacher said it was your friend the first time you immediately step in and say it was me
Let your friend take the blame

You are doing a really hard maths test and you are sitting beside the smartest person in the class do you

Take a glance at his or her sheet
Try your best , your teacher wont get mad if you try

The person that you sit beside is having difficulty's with his work, do you ...

Help him/her
Tell him/her to start paying attention its not that difficult