Does my crush like me?girls only

Does my crush like me?girls only

see if you your crush likes you with this awsome test GIRLS ONLY!!!! y not try

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Does he talk to you?

yeah of course he does
nope never :-(
only if he passes me in the hall

do you ever flirt with him?

yeah were always flirting with eachover
nooo are you crazy i already said i never talk to him
umm yeah but as a joke

Does he stare at you ?

yeah all the time
no not at all
sometimes but not much

do you think he likes you

durrr course he likes me
no i thin hes toatally un-intrested
i dunno thats y im doing this test

does he ever phone/call/message/email you?

yeah all the time to catch up :D
No to shy to ask for his number:(
yes but only to check for homework and thats it

Are you friends with your crush?

yesh were like best friends
no we never talk
i suppose, we go same school

have u ever hugged/kissed/held hands or any physical contact?

OF course all the time!
nhaaa never boo hoo ;(
yeh but only as a joke/dare

does he have a gf?

yeah im so sad there toatts in love
noooo hes single
no but he likes this girl and she likes him