Are You Cece or Rocky?

Are You Cece or Rocky?

In this quiz you'll see who you're more like; Cece or Rocky! Are you the goody-two-shoes? Or the "Bad Girl"

published on February 10, 201399 responses 24 4.9★ / 5

What do you like doing in your freetime?

Going on FaceBook or just dancing and listening to my favorite band.
Studying or just doing normal people things.

Do you make the right choices?

Why do you care?
Yep; always

Do you have any siblings?

Yes and I love them (sometimes)
No but I really, really, REALLY WANT one or two

What is your clothing style?

Just a cute T-Shirt with patterned jeans and high-tops with simple makeup
A stylish skirt with a fancy shirt and some cute flats with eyeshadow, lipgloss, anda little bit of eyeliner

What would you do if you "accidentally" break your mom's favorite vase?

Hide the pieces under the carpet and tell her
somebody stole it
Tell her the truth and do anything you can to make up
for it

What grades do you usually get in school?

A's and sometimes B's
C's, D's, and sometimes F's