what warrior cat of my clans are you

what warrior cat of my clans are you

here is a quiz to see what cat of my warriors you are

published on March 04, 201144 responses 16
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theres a fire and your mates stuck and your last in line who do you save?

me! duh!
my mate ill never forgive myself if i let him/her die.

your leader says to kill the rival clan elder
what do you do?

um i guess do what i was told thats the warrior code right?
refuse and take elder back to its clan.
smiles and agrees

your mentor gives you an order but you know the order is foolish...what to do?

you know its foolish and you want revenge so you obey the foolish command.
ignore your mentor and do the opasite to save your clan.
screams and crys

your friend is depressed what can you do when she tells you to go away?

tell a very funny joke
ignore the request
nod and walk away but trys to cheer friend up later

you get a thorn in your paw what do you do?

freak out and thinks it will get infected and you might die.
shruggs and refuses to get paw cheked
makes a joke and takes thorn out

you get an order to attack your friend what do you do?

shruggs and attacks friend
giggles and kills friend
ripes friend neck out